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あくつみ | ペダル


jonathan- nicest jojo

joseph- funniest jojo

johnny- most moe jojo

jolyne- most badass jojo

josuke- most beautiful jojo

giorno- jojo most like greek nonfat yogurt: pleasant but bland

jotaro- most likely jojo to finish the entire thing of oreos and then put the empty container back on the shelf for someone else to find and be disappointed like the little asshole he is

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30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!  Day Fourteen: Your favourite
↪ Tanaka Ryuunosuke/Nishinoya Yuu, the Kiyoko Protection Squad


The Great King | hash

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M e k a k u s h i   D a n


aha HA haA hA this ship is horrib le


calm down


spams senyuu tag at the speed of light


Alba #15 for cheerypup!