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Character thoughts - Fujisaki Yuusuke - Requested by aaron16500

Fujisaki Yuusuke, the leader of the Sket-dan, the childish and immature main character of the story. Like the 50% of the characters of Sket Dance, i didn’t like him at first, i thought that it was too lame to be the main character, i didn’t know how wrong i was.

He slowly became one of my favourite characters of ever, he isn’t at the same level of Edward Elric (my favourite character of ever) but he could easily be the second one.

One of the things that i like about him is the reason of why he helps people, he helps people not to be happy with himself, he helps people to continue with the will of his father, a father that he never knew, a father that he only saw in videos and that the only thing that he left was a letter. I think that is beautiful and sad at the same time, that’s why I would really want to see a chapter of sket in which they are in an alternative universe with Haru and Ryousuke still alive, just to see what kind of relation would they have.

Continuing with his personality, as I said he’s childish and immature, but when he needs, he get’s serious and badass, he’s intelligent and he really, really takes good care of his friends, we saw that in the Solitude arc, when that teacher that i don’t remember his name (and i don’t want to remember) said that would make Himeko’s school life like hell, at that moment, just because he said that, Bossun punched him, he didn’t care that it was a teacher, it was a natural reaction, because he was so angry with him, because he wouldn’t let him do that to a friend, because he was speaking without knowing anything about her, he punched him. And it was one of the best moments in all the manga, and one of my favourite moments in general. I’m a BossHime shipper, but i don’t take that like a reaction to love, because i’m sure that he would do the same if he talked about Switch.

Did i told you that i really like how Bossun punches people? Or more than how, why. He punched that teacher because he was talking shit about Himeko. He punched that guy of trouble travel arc because what he did to Himeko and Switch (i suppose, it’s only in chinese an japanese, so i don’t know well what was happening) and he punched (and had a fight) with Switch because he wanted to him to get out, because he was being stupid locking himself and blaming himself about Masafumi’s death. His punches are awesome.

Talking about that, when he discovered that he was an orphan with no relatives in the world, even if he said that Rumi and Akane where still part of his family, I think that he still felt alone, because it wasn’t the same, because they were a family, they loved each other but he didn’t had blood relatives, that’s why when Switch said that it was his fault that his brother died, he went really mad, because even if he lost his brother, he still had a mother and a father that loved him, something that he didn’t have and he probably wished to have, because Switch wasn’t alone, but he was. That’s why i think that he punched him, because he didn’t realize that there was people outside worrying about him.

And then, Tsubaki appeared, he didn’t want to admit that they where brothers, but he was happy, because he wasn’t alone, because there was actually someone blood-related to him, he was so happy that he started crying (i cried too XD)

Sorry for this long text post, and thank you if you have read all that XD

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